Pool Lights

Yankee’s pool lights collection offers innovative, energy-efficient lighting solutions for every pool. From enchanting rim lights to versatile submersible and floating solar lights, these products are designed to transform your pool into a stunning oasis, enhancing both safety and ambiance.

Submersible Pool Lights

Illuminate your pool with Yankee Submersible Pool Lights. These waterproof lights offer 16 colors and 3 modes, easily attaching with suction cups or magnets. They’re durable, chlorine-resistant, and perfect for creating a serene or lively atmosphere in and out of the water.

Strip Pool Lights

Yankee Strip Pool Lights illuminate your pool with 45 vibrant LEDs in 16 colors and 7 modes. Easy to install with no tools, they’re weatherproof and perfect for setting the mood for night swims or pool parties. Add a touch of magic to your pool with these versatile, energy-efficient lights.

Yankee Floating LED Light Ball

sold as 1 pcs

Experience enchantment with the Yankee Floating Ball Lights . This solar-powered, eco-friendly light ball offers 16 colors and 4 modes, glowing automatically at night. Durable and versatile, it’s perfect for adding a magical touch to your pool, garden, or patio.