Pool Liner Pad

Enhance your above-ground pool’s lifespan with our durable geotextile pool floor padding. Easy to install for any pool type, it protects against damage and wear, offers extra comfort, and helps maintain water temperature. Ideal for various surfaces, it’s a simple, effective upgrade for a better swimming experience.

Liner Padding

For Round Pools
15′ | 18′ | 21′ | 24′ | 28′ | 30′ |

For Oval Pools
12‘ x 24’ | 15′ x 25′ | 15′ x 30′ | 18′ x 33′

Invest in our pool liner pad for peace of mind and enhanced pool longevity. Its strong geotextile material guards against punctures and erosion, while providing a comfortable, insulated base. Easy to install and suitable for all pool types, it’s a smart, cost-effective way to protect your investment.