What Does a Solar Cover Do for a Pool?

Why Should You Cover Pools?

As any fellow pool owner knows, pools need to be taken care of. Swimming pool covers are essential for that. There are many different types: mesh and solid, manual and automatic, short-term and long-term, the latter including winter pool covers and safety ones.Solar pool covers (also known as solar blankets) stand out, though. Solar covers don’t just protect the water from debris: they also help you run your pool in more eco-friendly and cost-effective ways. Let’s see how it works and list pool solar cover benefits.

Accumulating Sun Energy with a Solar Blanket

As you put a bubble pool cover on the surface of water, the bubbles facing downwards trap the heat that comes from sunlight and transfer it to the water. So the pool cover itself becomes a heating device: and a sustainable one, too! It reduces your energy costs as you don’t need to use electricity or gas to keep the water warm. The sunny weather will do it for you.

You can choose to install a pool cover reel to unroll the pool solar blanket when the pool is resting and roll it back up when it’s time for the next splash. Alternatively, you can spread the pool blanket manually and leave it on for longer if necessary. In any scenario, it will be harnessing the power of the sun and retaining the warmth of the water.

Solar Cover

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Saving Water with an Above-Ground or an In-Ground Pool Solar Cover

In an uncovered pool, water inevitably evaporates. Any swimming pool solar cover is solid, so it creates a barrier to reduce evaporation and keep the water in. That’s how a solar cover (for above-ground pools as well as in-ground ones) saves you water and money. It’s a much more sustainable choice than refilling the pool all the time, which is wasteful and also messes with the content of pool water and the concentration of compounds in it.
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Managing a Thermal Pool Cover with Ease

You don’t need to “operate” it: just place it over your pool and let the sun do the rest. If you get a solar cover reel as well, the whole covering thing will be virtually effortless. Rolling and unrolling can even become a fun part of the swimming experience!

Keeping the Water Clean

You don’t want leaves, dirt, and other unwanted materials to contaminate your pool. Floating pool covers protect the water from those. Solid ones do the job better, and solar covers even more so, as they’re usually thick, sturdy, and durable.


The main benefits of solar pool covers are: they use sunlight to keep the water warm, decrease evaporation, and protect the water from debris. If you choose the best solar pool cover for your swimming pool specifically, it’ll save you money (smaller water and energy costs) and time (less cleaning needed). With a solar cover, managing your pool is hassle-free (especially if you bring in a pool cover roller, too), efficient, and environmentally conscious.

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