How to Keep Pool Water Clean

Cleaning the Pool and the Importance of Tidiness

If you love swimming pools as much as we do, you surely know that keeping one tidy can be a challenge. There are just so many things to it: it’s not only about removing things from the pool but also about the filtering system, the compounds in the water, and the maintenance when the pool isn’t used.

Another thing all splashing enthusiasts know is that keeping the pool clean is worth it. Here’s an overview of tips on how to keep a pool clean and clear and to ensure that it remains safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Regular Skimming (Made Easier with a Pool Leaf Cover)

We have to regularly remove debris that accumulates on the water. A skimmer to the rescue: it’s a simple tool that catches leaves, twigs, bugs, and other unwanted materials. The procedure needs to be done every day, especially in summer.

Skimming is easier if you have a pool cover to keep leaves out. These come in a variety of forms: most notably, it can be a mesh or a solid cover. A mesh leaf pool cover is easier to handle, but if we’re talking about long-term pool closing, solid covers are better at keeping a swimming pool clean as they stop everything, no matter how small, from entering the water.

pool leaf net

Vacuuming (Rendered Less Urgent with Leaf and Debris Pool Covers)

This one goes deeper. Vacuuming helps remove dirt and debris that accumulates on the bottom. Both manual vacuums and automatic pool cleaners exist. This procedure usually needs to be done once a week or even more frequently: some pools get dirty quickly.

Again, a swimming pool leaf cover makes the need for thorough cleanups less pressing as less debris makes it into the pool. If you have a solar pool cover, it will do the job, too: solar covers are solid and usually spread out over the entire surface of the water, so they reliably stop nasty things from going in.

solar pool covers

Adjusting the Water Content (a Swimming Pool Debris Cover Helps with That, Too!)

You want to maintain a proper chemical balance in your pool to keep the water clean and safe. The recommended pH level is between 7.2 and 7.8. If yours is different, you might need to add special agents to either raise or decrease it. Other occasional additions may include chlorine or other types of sanitizers.

Can covering your pool help you manage the chemical balance? Yes: both in an in-ground and an above-ground pool, debris covers reduce evaporation. Water loss is a major cause of alterations in the content of water. If you stop the water from evaporating by covering it, the balance will be sustained for longer.

Cleaning the Filter

This should be done every 3 to 6 months, and again, the frequency will depend on the amount of accumulating debris. Used regularly and fixed properly, swimming pool covers prolong the life of your filter as they stop water contamination in the first place.


To keep your pool water clean, you need to do regular skimming, vacuuming, content checkups and adjustments, and filter maintenance. With all these, pool covers offer great assistance. They prevent the accumulation of debris and reduce water evaporation. Whichever type you choose to use (a mesh, a solid one, a proper pool safety cover, or even a pool solar blanket), it will definitely help you maintain a clean and healthy pool.

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